Step & Scope present Source Direct [Metalheadz,Certifcate 18, Vampire]

6 September 2013 - Gigs
s direct

Step and Scope join forces for a one off party in The Hudson bar with special guest, Source Direct [Metalheadz,Certifcate 18, Vampire]

Source Direct put out an absolute stream of classic jungle records in the 90’s pioneering a whole darker sound and are now inspiring a whole new generation of producers. [Check this fact article about them http://www.factmag.com/2012/10/05/the-essential-source-direct/

We’ll also have tunes in the Yard all night from 8pm with Chill, Kev, Nez and GBO playing a load of different stuff along with Paul Acroplane who’s coming over from Manc especially to make an appearance! Then we kick off the Jungle on the top floor with Nez, Chill and Source Direct from 9.30pm.

Tickets are £5 in advance from the Hudson Bar (or contact us) and It’s £5 til11 then £7 after on the door. CHEP.

A fiver is just daft frankly for a gig like this, The Step Summer Carnival in the Hudson was mental, so this should be some crack 🙂

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