Step returns with a massive all day event.

2pm – Close // FREE ENTRANCE.

We are taking over the whole of the Hudson Bar including their huge outdoor Yard space for a bit of a carnival party.

20 DJs from some of Belfast’s finest nights….Step//Drumology//Bad Taste//Crili//Ramp//Vinyl Combat//Blasters of the Universe//Reset//Rudimentary// Belfast Music Club//Bahn// Explosion Soundsystem and legendary 90’s events like Choice and Hellraiser all under one roof.

Playing everything from Drum and bass, Hip hop, Garage, House, Disco, Reggae and Grime. We’ll also have live samba from Beat and Drum. Music out in the Yard from 2pm onwards.

They’ll be food all day and a BBQ on the go outside as well.

It’s totally free in but if you could chuck some change to Oxfam that would be Superb.

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