Chill & Nephilim

Cyphersound Cartel special guests on Chill & Nephilim DnB Show

Chill & Nephilim DnB Show is back this Tuesday and we have very special guests… Cyphersound Cartel is a new producing and dj’ing collective with some familiar Belfast DnB faces. We’re super excited to have them in. Complimenting Rob and Stuart of legendary dnb specialists Cappo Regime, James (JWL) brings ...

Chill & Nephilim DnB Show Tuesday 13th Feb

Chill & Nephilim DnB Show is back… this Tuesday 13th Feb. We’re joined by a long time friend of the show, Avoider. Avoider has continued taking the DnB world by storm! With releases under his belt on labels like Close 2 Death, Dirtbox, VTO and Shadow Net, his techy DnB ...

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