The current international situation has been trying on most of us and has taken its toll on many walks of life. The restrictions on all public gatherings has had a huge impact on the event industry and thus, as you know, Foundation’s outdoor event won’t be taking place as planned this year.

Those whom it has been most trying on are our heroes on the front line, the Nurses. Foundation Festival have decided to team up with The SCOOP Foundation to run an online version of their event streamed to your gaff. The event is in aid of our heroes on the front line and to raise funds for vital PPE needed at various levels of our healthcare system.

Links to donate will be live and active through the Facebook ‘Donate’ button during the event.
If you wish to donate in the lead up the event, there is a post with the donate button in the discussion of this event. Any support greatly appreciated.

Artists from various parts of the island have volunteered to support the cause, serving up the finest selections in Dub, Reggae, Dubstep, Jungle and Drum & Bass. All sets streamed to your gaff on the bank holiday weekend!

Line Up:

19:00 – Meijis
20:00 – Chonkie (Rub a Dub)
21:00 – Ramona
22:00 – Ambit
23:00 – Ethos
00:00 – Degree
01:00 – Altex

13:00 – Piler
14:00 – Subweight
15:00 – Iarla
16:00 – Cian Finn (Live)
17:00 – Nicky Halliday
18:00 – Kaper
19:00 – B-Origin
20:00 – Panda Drey
22:00 – JMC
23:00 – Misha Freshin
00:00 – Nick Fury

16:00 – Gwada Mike
17:00 – Reidie
18:00 – M-Con
19:00 – Nippoman
20:00 – Badman Deego
21:00 – Undadog
22:00 – Echo Brown
23:00 – Pseudonym
00:00 – Chill