Chill verus Nephilim DnB Showdown THIS SATURDAY live on Skank FM

25 April 2018 - News
dnb showdown

Get ready to rumble on the Chill & Nephilim DnB Show THIS SATURDAY on SkankFM when two DnB heavyweights go to war for the ultimate prize… (admittedly, that will probably be the last beer in the fridge).

In the Red Corner, we have the undisputed King of Step DnB, CHILL. In the Blue Corner, the master of all things Anamorphic Recordings, NEPHILIM. Both our contenders will be armed with devastating new releases and kickass exclusives, slugging it out for your listening pleasure.

The air has been thick with the war of words leading up to Saturday’s explosive encounter. Our roving reporter, Dominic McGak, caught up with Nephilim during the week and he had this to say… “I’ll kick his lilly white ass back to North Down… he’ll be bate with a bottle of Bucky, the cretin!”

Undetered by Nephilim’s bravado, Chill responded in an explosive interview with The Bangor Spectator… “Slabber about my beloved Meadows of North Down, will yeeee??! Lisburn… F**king LISBURN???!!! That’s a just a place you stop off for a s**te on the way to Newry, AND NEWRY’S A TOILET ffs!”

Tough words from two tough competitors! Tune in 7pm Saturday www.skankfm.co.uk for two solid hours of Amen Break uppercuts and Big Bass jabs. “Adriaaannnn… Adriaaaaannnnnnn”

DISCLAIMER… we’re not really gonna have an actual boxing match – we’re just gonna play a load of tunes and have a geg. However, if anyone wants to turn up, waving those big Hulk Hogan foam finger things, we may (or may not) grant admission. Similarly, if you want to sit in the house in a robe with a gum shield in your mouth while you listen to the show, we promise not to think any less of you!

PULL ON YOUR RAVE BOOTS (and optional Boxing Gloves) Skank FM Saturday 7pm – 9pm.

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