r monix

Bangor Bad Bwoy R-Monix is a wicked Drum and Bass producer.

His main style of Drum n Bass is more of a liquid/atmospheric groove, drawing on influences from many genres, whilst keeping to the essence of drum and bass.

He’s received support from Grooverider, Physics, BBC Radio 1 + 1xtra, DJ Vapour, Tendai, Duo Infernale, Savage Rehab, Stunna, Scott Allen, DJ Surplus, Zen Dub, DJ Kasio, Steve Ballistik, Detroit Raver, DJ Koncept, Emes, Q The Physicist, LM1, Tendai, DJ Missfortune, Ledge Sounds, LM1, Mira Mark, Optimal Prime, G-Type, Nicky Havey

Check out his releases on Point 9 Audio, Offworld Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings, Equinox Sounds


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