Playford (Step DnB)

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One of Belfast’s most successful promoters, with an eye for quirky gigs, Playford is, at the very least, half to blame for the birth of Step DnB.

After briefly living in Europe, then studying in Manchester at the end of the 90s, it wasn’t long before he felt the itch to throw club nights and parties. He returned to Belfast and cut his teeth with promotions outfits at various city nightspots. In 2003 he co-founded Step DnB with Chill.

Over the years, he helped mastermind a variety of Step parties, ranging from club nights, all day events and raves to quirky dnb gigs in unusual “nice spaces”.

Chill maintains he’s “…one of the, sometimes, unsung heroes of the Belfast DnB scene. A pure love and understanding of the music and culture and above all else, an unbelieveable knack for how to run a great party.. Afterall, the fact that a gig is a great party is more important than anything else. – the crowd will always be the most important ingredient in a club”

Playford still utilises his love of “a nice space”, but now in his enthusiastic study and conservation of old listed buildings in Northern Ireland (and beyond). Even still, you can bet there’s still a pair of rave boots nestled somewhere in his wardrobe!

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